MH370: Chinese ship searching for missing
Malaysia Airlines jet in south Indian Ocean
reportedly detects 'pulse signal'

Will: Mozilla CEO's resignation shows progressives for diversity 'in everything but thought'

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Leftist Fascists Force Out Mozilla CEO for Holding Same Opinion Obama Held in 2008

Mozilla: No Dissent Allowed

Conservatives launch boycott of Mozilla after gays press CEO to quit

Mozilla CEO out for opposing gay marriage

SARAH PALIN: Arm Troops on Bases

John Edwards Turned Away at Donor's Funeral

Palin Profiles Cowboys, Shooters, Mushers in 'Amazing America' Debut

Networks Ignore Insurer's Claim That 15-20 Percent of ObamaCare Enrollees Didn't Pay First Premium

Obama’s Stand-up Routine Is Laughable Indeed - Too bad the joke is on his youthful audience

Economy Adds Just 192k Jobs in March

Members of Congress are underpaid, can’t live ‘decently’ in D.C.: Rep. Moran (D)

Obama 'Champion of Change' Amnesty Advocate Indicted for Immigration Fraud

GOP lawmakers push EPA to ax proposed water rule amid outcry from farmers

Banana Republic: White House sets new April 15 deadline for ObamaCare sign ups

Issa calls meeting next week to weigh contempt against ex-IRS official Lerner

Dependency is the Measure of Success for Obamacare

POTUS and the Pope: The Vatican’s symbolic messaging v. the White House spin

Will The Washington Post Print: Poll Finds Veterans Prefer Bush To Obama? (Answer: No)

Dems On Obama Divisive Speech: He Was Venting

How Cory Booker’s Friends Made Out Like Bandits (the other New Jersey scandal)

FBI Affidavit Suggests Yee Tried to Obtain Illegal Weapons While Pushing Gun Control










Daily Motion


Hillary Fails to Name a Single Accomplishment at State Dept.

State Dept. misplaced $6B under Hillary Clinton: IG report

Japan orders military to strike any new North Korea missile launches

Afghanistan Goes To The Polls In Historic Vote

McDonald's Closes Restaurants In Crimea

Vice Adm. Jan Tighe takes over as ‘first female commander of a numbered fleet’

North Korea launches misogynist tirade against South Korean president

South Koreans rescue 3 North Korean sailors, find 2 dead after cargo ship sinks

Indian election official calls for calm debate ahead of huge poll

Airlines Warned Flying Over Crimea 'Risky'

NATO Chief: Russia Ready To Invade Ukraine

North Korea Plagiarizes NASA Logo for Anniversary of DPRK's 'Space Program'

North Korea to reportedly execute 200 officials believed loyal to Kim Jong-un uncle

Lax guidance feeds Afghan corruption; report says billions in aid wasted

Middle East peace talks edge towards collapse

NASA suspends contact with Russia over Ukraine crisis

NATO suspends civilian, military cooperation with Russia

Ex-CIA leader Morell denies role in Benghazi ‘cover-up’ during heated Hill hearing

Chicago Train Crash Driver Who Dozed Off Is Fired

Construction at Nashville ballpark exposes prehistoric find

Home Of Cronut Shut Due To Mouse Infestation

Broken ATM at Maine bank spits out $37,000

Watchdog: EPA human test subjects not always told about lethal risks of studies

MRC Latino Launches With Report on 'Hispanic Media In The Balance'

Researchers make major breakthrough in treatment for age-related blindness

Marijuana black market still thrives in Colorado, where pot is legal

$400K Lamborghini Aventador crashes on London streets; video goes viral

Willard Scott marries longtime girlfriend





Mob attacks Ebola treatment centre in Guinea, suspected cases reach Mali

'Isolated' Liberian Ebola case raises fears of fresh outbreaks across West Africa

Mali reports three suspected Ebola cases

Fear and frustration as Guinea struggles to contain Ebola outbreak

Ebola virus outbreak in Guinea sparks fear in the Bronx

SFC Danny Ferguson died keeping Ft. Hood gunman out of a room full of fellow soldiers — holding doors closed that wouldn’t lock

Malaysia's Opposition Leader: 'Malaysia Concealing Missing Jet Information'

MH370: Race Against Time In Missing Plane Search

MH370: Spanish Newspaper Reports Malaysian Plane May Have Been Shot Down to Avert Terror Attack

Malaysia Defence Minister Claims MH370 Disappearance is 'Blessing In Disguise'

Syrian opposition accuses Assad of new poison attack

Swedish stroke patient hears doctors discuss removing his organs

Building collapses in China: rescuers search for residents

Thunderstorms, tornadoes and baseball-sized hail pummel Midwest, Southern states

Two Foreign Journalists Shot In Afghanistan

Chinese tourist and hotel receptionist kidnapped in Malaysia

Pakistani 9-month-old baby accused of attempted murder

Israeli aircraft strike militant targets in Gaza after rockets and sniper fire hit Israel

An hour after plunging into Lake Houston, woman floats out alive

Despite New Fort Hood Shooting, Obama Continues to Chicago Fundraisers

Second deadly mass shooting at Fort Hood renews calls to end restrictions on service members carrying weapons on post

Death toll in Washington mudslide rises to 30

Chile Hit By Second Powerful Earthquake

Florida State University under investigation by feds

Schumacher has 'moments of consciousness,' manager says

Delta jet makes emergency landing at JFK airport

Shark Takes Swimmer Near Australia Beach

Anti-Defamation League: Physical Assaults on Jewish People Tripled in NYC in 2013

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