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al-Qaida car bombs kill at least 16 people in Iraq

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3 Injured in Shooting at San Bernardino CA Strip Mall

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Passenger 'Tried To Open Plane Door' In Mid-Air on Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Sacramento

Bus collides with truck on Mexico highway; 36 reported dead

3 killed in shootings at Kansas Jewish community center and senior home

Grandfather, Grandson Killed at KC Jewish Center: Neither Was Jewish

Gunman Yelled 'Heil Hitler'

MH370: Search area too deep for submarine

MH370: Mini-Sub To Be Used As Oil Slick Found

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Wildlife agency kills several bears after Florida woman mauled outside home

Forest fire kills at least 16, destroys at least 2000 homes in Chilean port city

M4.9 Earthquake - 15km N of Challis, Idaho

M7.6 Earthquake - 100km SSE of Kirakira, Solomon Islands