Insurgents say Ukraine region opts for sovereignty

Defense Secretary Hagel Admits US Perceived as Weak Worldwide

Hagel Renews Push for Military Pay Cuts, Base Closings

Iraq Launches Fallujah Offensive

Deadly bombings sweep Iraq after army shelling in Fallujah; 14 Dead

Tensions increase between Vietnam and China over oil rig

Hillary Clinton Protested Designation of Boko Haram as Terrorist Group

Amnesty International: Nigeria had warning of Boko Haram attack but failed to act

US Sends Troops to Help Find Nigerian Girls

Never saw the threat: U.S. fought PR war with Boko Haram as terror group grew lethal

Boko Haram 'Kill Hundreds' In Unguarded Town in Nigeria

DOD: 9 Countries Taken Off R&R Leave Eligibility List

Ukraine: '20 Killed' As Putin Lands In Crimea

Pro-Russian forces to go ahead with eastern Ukraine referendum

Jay Leno to host award ceremony in Israel, quips John Kerry is not welcome

White House Continues Secret Media War Against Israel

Violence erupts again in Mexican state where drug wars began; 80 people killed since April in Tamaulipas

Socialist Sean Penn Defends Venezuela's Maduro, Compares to Obama

UK Looks to Allow Women in Frontline Combat Roles

North Korea Calls Obama 'A Black Monkey'

North Korea: Obama a “clown”, “dirty fellow”, “does not even have the basic appearances of a human being”

Report: Downed Drones Were North Korean Spy Effort

Gao Yu arrested by Chinese authorities ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

Pakistani parents defy Taliban with secret polio vaccines for children

Bangladesh: Muslim Mob Terrorizes City Following Insult of Prophet Muhammad