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Texas: Guns soon allowed on college campuses; Governor to sign bill

Canada: 19 members of Italian mafia drug ring arrested

Mexico: Plane crashes on highway, 5 dead

Japan: Famous hot spring closed after string of orgies revealed

Japan to equip elevators with portable toilets, water supply

Interpol Red Alert For Arrest Of Ex-FIFA Execs

FIFA President Sepp Blatter To Resign

California: Jerry Brown turns on liberal environmentalists, rejects fracking ban

India withdraws Maggi noodles from shops in mounting food-safety scare

New Black Panther Party Members Who Met in Ferguson Admit Planning to Kill Prosecutor, Blow Up Police Station

Emails Indicate Possible Government Bias Against Bakery Fined for Refusing Same-Sex Wedding

Helmut Kohl, former German chancellor, in 'critical condition'

Clint Eastwood Making Miracle On Hudson Movie

China: ship carrying more than 450 people sinks in Yangtze river; 400 missing

MH370: Negligence suit settled out of court

Guns in public: Most Americans comfortable with public carry of handguns

South Africa: Lion Kills Tourist Through Open Car Window

South Korea fights to contain MERS outbreak, considers tough measures

Doctors Hail 'Spectacular' Cancer Breakthrough

California: Minimum wage for thee, but not for me, say L.A. unions

M5.8 Earthquake - Off the coast of Oregon; No Tsunami Expected

Japan prepares to lower voting age from 20 to 18

Maine: Killer Who Cooked 4-Year-Old Girl In Oven Seeks Retrial

Bangladesh: 41 charged with murder in connection to Rana Plaza collapse

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