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Chad: Suicide bomber kills 15 people in market and injures 80

Egypt: Huge Blast Outside Italian Consulate In Cairo; 1 Dead 4 Injured

Yemen: Fighting breaks new UN ceasefire

Afghanistan: ISIS leader Hafiz Saeed 'killed by drone'

Afghanistan: New Mission Brings New Rules for Patrols

Srebrenica crowds drive Serbian prime minister from anniversary event

Somalia: Hotels attacked by al-Shabab terrorists in Mogadishu; 5 dead

Turkey: 21 arrested in anti-ISIS dawn raids

U.S. Army is Considering Hollow-Point Bullets to Go with New Pistol

Katherine Archuleta ousted as OPM director after massive data hack

Chinese Hackers Stole U.S. Government Data On 21.5M People

Obama Regime Threatens to Quit Nuke Talks; Iran Blames West for Divide

Fears Grow That End of Iran Sanctions Means Billions for Terror Acts

British Told To Leave Tunisia Amid Terror Warning

Tunisia Massacre: Killer's Parents Defend Son

FBI: We Stopped ISIS-linked Fourth of July Terror Plots

36 Marine Heroes of Pacific WWII Theater Found 71 Years After Death

USAF Secretary: Russia is biggest security threat to the U.S.

Syria: Number of refugees passes 4 million

US-UAE Anti-ISIS Message: ‘Just a Few’ Muslims Have ‘Hijacked’ a ‘Religion of Peace’

Afghanistan: Shahidullah Shahid, ISIS commander, killed by U.S. drone strike

US Army's Mistaken Anthrax Shipment Fiasco Keeps Growing

F-16 Crash Death Family Hit By Second Tragedy

South Carolina: USAF F-16 Jet And Cessna C150 Collide In Midair

Tunisia state of emergency imposed due to fears of further attacks, says president

U.S. Army 'To Cut 40,000 Troops In Next Two Years'

U.S. Soldiers Line Up to Buy New Camouflage Uniforms

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