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[Update] Iraq: More Than 100 Killed In Car Bomb Attack near Baghdad

Syria: Kurdish Fighters Besiege ISIS Terrorists in Hassakeh

Britain involved in Syrian airstrikes

France Foils Terror Beheading Plot At Base

Egypt: 6 killed in clashes amid Muslim Brotherhood protest in Cairo

Thomas Sullivan, Marine killed in Chattanooga shootings, was Purple Heart recipient

Fallen heroes: Marines killed in Chattanooga shootings identified

AP: 'Possibility It Was an Act of Terrorism'

Tennessee: 4 Marines And Gunman Dead In Chattanooga

Obama Celebrates Muslim Holiday on Day Muhammad Murders 4 U.S. Marines

Tennessee: Islamist Terrorist Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez From Arizona; Ramadan Murder

[Flashback] July 9, 2015, Donald Trump: Abolish Gun Free Zones On Military Bases

John Kerry: We Talked Hostages In Every Meeting With Iran, Hope They Do ‘Right Thing’

Nigeria: Two explosions in Gombe leave 49 dead 71 injured

Yemen: Obama regime let anti-terrorism equipment sit in warehouse — for eight years

Philippines: Military to reopen Subic Bay base

Israeli forces launch retaliatory airstrike in Gaza

Egypt: ISIS missile hits Egyptian ship near Sinai

Kenyan military convoy attacked in Somalia

EU warning over Russia 'land grab' in South Ossetia border row

Texas: Civilians Begin Shadowing 'Jade Helm' War Exercise

France foils terror attack planned for January, 4 arrested

California: Fire Leads to Evacuation of Historic USS Midway in San Diego

Mark Steyn: Comparing Obama to Neville Chamberlain Is Unfair to Chamberlain

Susan Rice: We ‘Expect’ Iran Will Spend Some Of New Money on Military, Maybe on Terror

Ted Cruz: Iran Deal ‘Jihadist Stimulus Bill,’ Will Make US ‘Leading Financier of Terrorism Against America’

Obama Not Waiting for Congress to Review Iran Deal Before Going to UN

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