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Obama Goes Golfing After Terrorist Attack
In Afghanistan Kills 6 American Soldiers
Hawaii: No Word From Golfing Obama After Deadliest Attack on U.S. Troops in Afghanistan in 3 Years
State Press: Watch Barack Obama Sink Monster Shot During Round of Holiday Golf

France: 2 Men Held As Police Foil Jihadist Terror Attack in Orleans

Bergdahl Arraigned on Military Charges, Mulls Options

Afghanistan: British Military Sent To Helmand Amid Fierce Fighting; Taliban Continues To Gain Ground

Afghanistan: Taliban Overrun Key District in Helmand

Afghanistan: Helmand On The Brink Of Falling To Taliban Forces

Syria: Russia's airstrikes on appear futile with little progress on ground

Iraqi troops enter centre of Ramadi in bid to eject ISIS

Report: Small Groups Cheered 9/11 in NJ

American Woman Killed in Kabul Neighborhood Amid 'Extremely Challenging' Security Situation

Obama yields to Russia and Iran, puts Assad ouster on back burner

Hamas Negotiating Truce with ISIS

Nigeria: Boko Haram forces 1 million out of school

One Million 'Migrants' Entered Europe In 2015

Afghanistan: 3 U.S. soldiers among 6 NATO troops killed in suicide attack

New Hampshire: Schools Shut Over Email Threat

England: Muslim Rape Gang Found Guilty of Abusing White Girl

Iranian Hackers Breached Control System of New York Dam in 2013

Belgium: 5 arrested in connection to Paris attacks

[Update] Kenya Air France bomb scare: 2 held in Paris

John Kerry to Iranian Regime: Don’t Worry About Those Visa Waiver Program Changes

Obama regime blocks Washington Times FOIA request on Syria chemical weapons

Obama makes threats, but can’t close Guantanamo through executive action

Syria: Suspected Russian planes kill at least 43 in Idlib

Tunisia: U.S. embassy warns citizens over possible mall attack

Syria: Third of rebels share ISIS aims

Iraq: Turkey Will Withdraw More Troops after U.S. Request

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